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About  Family Wellness Clinic

Family Wellness Clinic began in November 2019 with a desire to start a clinic in the heart of Brookings that offers a personal, small-town approach to healthcare. FWC seeks to provide the vibrant, community-minded people of Brookings an invested, unique healthcare approach to help them thrive and grow. In the busy, fast-paced healthcare field, FWC strives to make patients feel important and heard. Our goal is to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, specialties and disciplines to give patients tangible answers and personal solutions to their health care concerns from the best perspectives available. Rarely is a solution one-dimensional; we believe that medicine needs to be combined with nutrition, exercise, a balanced lifestyle, sleep, and other natural remedies in order to help people meet their health goals

We are a primary care clinic and can provide wellness and acute care appointments, and also strive to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and holistic/natural care to give patients multiple choices for their health. 

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